Leica S2 Reviews

The S-2 through Leica is a very beautiful, very highly effective, and extremely costly digital camera. Chock-full associated with high-performance capabilities and showing the particular indicate associated with Leica’s careful awareness of fine detail, this particular dslr digital camera is outstanding in every means.

Along with it’s massive price, nonetheless, the particular Leica S-2 seriously isn’t just what is important to telephone “accessible” to the common professional photographer. Purchased brand-new, this particular digital camera extends at concerning $28,000. Ouch. However hi, we can all wish, can’t all of us?

Leica S2

Leica S2

  • With the size and handling of a 35 mm camera, its performance and quality set new standards for medium-format photography
  • The complete Leica S-System was developed together with professional photographers with the goal of offering high quality pictures
  • With 37.5 million pixels, cropping is never a problem, even for large-format prints
  • LENS NOT INCLUDED – BODY ONLY with 3 Inch LCD display



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