Best Leica Lens Guide

So, you have a Leica camera, and now you need some glass… but with so many options out there, what lens should you start with? How do you know which is the best Leica lens for you? To be sure, every photographer will have a different preference based on their style and preferred subject matter.

With that in mind, I have written the following Leica lens guide, to weigh in on which Leica lenses will give you the most bang for the buck, and the best performance in different shooting scenarios. And if your budget is a major concern (ahem.. these Leica lenses don’t run cheap!), there are plenty of quality used & refurbished Leica lens deals to be found on and other online marketplaces. Without further ado…

Best Leica Macro Lens:
Leica 120mm f/2.5 APO Summarit-S

Offering impeccable image quality, this lens was crafted with the sole intention of producing a level of detail yet unmatched in the digital arena. Sporting the new S-Bayonet mount, it is able to interface more efficiently with the digital sensor than ever before. Also boasting an exceedingly accurate high-speed autofocus and Leica’s trademark highly-durable construction, the 120mm f/2.5 APO Summarit-S is a worthy investment for every close-up connoisseur.
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Best Leica Zoom Lens:
Leica 135mm f/3.4 Apo Telyt M

The Leica 135mm f/3.4 Apo Telyt M lens is a manual focus lens, but it makes up for its lack of autofocus by virtue of the level of beauty it’s capable of capturing. Leica’s 135mm lenses have been legendary for quite some time, and this version has been a serious contender in the Leica lens lineup since 1998. For birdwatching, landscape photography, or you-name-it, this lens sets the bar high.
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Best Leica Portrait Lens:
Leica Summarit-M 75mm f/2.5

While definitions of what makes a “portrait lens” are sure to vary based on what your definition of a “portrait” is, the Summarit-M 75mm telephoto lens is of notable mention if you’re looking for a head-and-shoulders framing for your pictures. Providing excellent sharpness & snappy colors, and with consistent near-5-star ratings across Amazon, Ebay, Adorama, and BHPhoto, this portrait lens is a hot commodity among Leica enthusiasts.
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In short, Leica lenses are worth the investment.

Leica has long been considered one of the best manufacturers of lenses and cameras in the world. Those fortunate enough to own a Leica camera body should consider the addition of several Leica lenses essential to fully harnessing the raw optical power and intrinsic beauty capable of being captured by a Leica machine.

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